Kovax Tolecut Sand Block Slípikubbur
1,390 kr. Setja í körfu

Kovax Tolecut Sand Block Slípikubbur

1,390 kr.

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Kovax Tolecut Sand Block Slípikubbur fyrir Tolecut sandpappírs skífur

Stærð 29 x 35mm

Henta reinstaklega vel til að vinna á litlum flötum.

Hentar mjög vel í vinnu við rispur og skemmdir eftir grjótkast

About this product
Regarding Tolecut, we can speak of a unique combination. It is both aggressive (however not too aggressive, otherwise there is a risk of sanding through the clear coat) and it leaves a very fine and uniform sanding scratch at the same time. This combination in one product is very rare in finer grit product ranges.

Tolecut also reduces polishing time. Conventional sanding systems for imperfection – removal often consist of 1 to 2 sanding steps. Consequently, the emphasis is on polishing. After all, in only 1 or 2 sanding steps not all sanding scratches will be removed completely, which means extra polishing time is required to entirely remove these final sanding scratches as well.

On the contrary, the Kovax sanding system is a modern system. With only one additional sanding step, both imperfections and sanding scratches are removed. This reduces polishing –  time.

Part Number 9710047
Grit Range
Size 29 x 35 mm
Color Black