Chemical Guys Mr. Sprayer Pumpubrúsi
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Chemical Guys Mr. Sprayer Pumpubrúsi

5,580 kr.

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Nettur og vandaður alhliða pumpubrúsi frá Chemical Guys

Léttur aðeins 635gr.

Tekur 1,5 ltr.

Hentar vel fyrir léttari hreinsi vörur svo sem gluggahreinisr, detailspray, ph hlutlausar sápur.

Hentar ekki fyrir mjög sterk eða ætandi hreinsiefni, svo sem sýrur eða tjöruhreinsir

About this product:
Do you still squeeze endlessly into that spray bottle and do you suffer from tired and cramped fingers? Meet Mr. Sprayer, the new way to easily apply your favourite Chemical Guys liquids! Fill the sprayer, adjust the nozzle from fine mist to hard jet and start spraying for the fastest and easiest detail job ever.

Use the labelled measurement lines on the side of the heavy-duty UV resistant bottle to dilute your favourite Chemical Guys liquid. With the trigger you can easily spray your waterless car wash, detail spray, glass cleaner, after wash etc. on your vehicle.

All you have to do is pump a few times with the big button on top of the Mr. Sprayer, so that a high pressure is generated that gives you a precise and even jet of your favourite detail liquids. The fully adjustable mouthpiece reduces large drops to a fine mist for even and efficient coverage with minimal product usage, while the ergonomically shaped handle keeps you comfortable even during long details!

How to use:
1. Fill the bottle with concentrated product and dilute with clean filtered water accordingly.
2. Screw the pump and sprayer handle on tight. Pump the bottle 3 – 5 times.
3. Depress trigger to mist product over area to clean and detail.
4. Unscrew sprayer handle to release internal pressure once detailing work is complete.
5. Re-attach the handle firmly to prevent product leakage during storage or transport.

Please note: Mr. Sprayer works great with quick detail sprays, waterless washes, window cleaners, and other non-corrosive detailing chemicals. Mr. Sprayer does not like degreasers or any acidic chemical that could damage his seals!


Material Plastic
Size 50oz / 1,48L
Weight 635 gram
Manufacturer Chemical Guys


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UPC 00000
Manufacturer Chemical Guys