Chemical Guys Leðurvörn / Næring – Leather Serum
5,280 kr. Setja í körfu

Chemical Guys Leðurvörn / Næring – Leather Serum

5,280 kr.

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Þetta efni nærir og  ver leður

Myndar vörn gegn óhreinindum og bleytu

Hjálpar að berjast á móti sprungumyndun og öðrum öldrunarmerkjum á leðri

UV Vörn

Endist allt að 12 – 16 mánuði

Skilur ekki eftir sig olíuslikju (Dry to touch)

About Vintage Series Leather Serum
Chemical Guys Leather Serum is a dry-to-the-touch leather coating that maintains and protects the original appearance of your leather. Formulated to protect the original look and feel of your leather surfaces, Leather Serum utilizes the latest in conditioning agents and protective coating technology to deliver a natural appearance. Leather Serum is designed to maintain the original condition of your leather seats, dash, and door panels. The unique protective coating bonds to the leather surface for maximum protection against harmful UV solar rays. The protective coating repels dirt, body oils, and moisture to keep your leather surfaces feeling soft and rich. Leather Serum maintains the original look and feel of your leather without a greasy feel.

12-16 Months of Protection
The innovative leather coating formula is designed to protect natural and sealed leather surfaces. The coating technology bonds to any leather surface for maximum protection against stains and moisture. Leather Serum creates a protective coating that prevents cracking, fading, discoloration, and staining of your leather surfaces. Leather Serum restores the classic leather scent back to your vehicle’s leather.  The easy-to-use Leather Serum will ensure your leather surfaces feel soft while staying protected against the elements.

Taking Care of Leather
Leather Serum is an innovative protective coating for any leather surface. The unique formula resists moisture, body oils, stains and discoloration to preserve the original appearance of your leather. The easy-to-use coating protects natural and coated leather surfaces against harmful UV rays that cause fading, cracking, and discoloration. Protecting your leather surfaces is critical to maintaining your vehicle’s image. Sealed leather surfaces are coated from the factory using a specialized sealant layer. Sealed leather surfaces can crack and fade when not maintained properly. Chemical Guys Leather Serum works by bonding to the sealed leather to create a protective barrier that resists moisture and contamination. Leather Serum is the ultimate way to protect and maintain any leather surface. Chemical Guys believes in developing innovative car care technologies that perform in any situation. Leather Serum protects, maintains, and restores the original appearance of your leather. Perfect for any color leather to preserve and protect the soft feel. Leather Serum uses state-of-the-art protective coating technology that repels moistures, stains, and UV rays for the highest level of protection. Leather Serum is designed to maintain and protect the natural appearance of your leather surfaces. Leather Serum has a dry-to-the-touch feel that is non-greasy and 100% matte. Simply clean your leather surfaces using Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and apply Leather Serum using a premium applicator pad. Allow 15 minutes for the Leather Serum to dry and buff-off using a quality microfiber towel. Once the Leather Serum coating has bonded to the surface, your leather will be protected for months, not days. Protected and preserve your leather seats, dashboard, and door panels with Chemical Guys Leather Serum.

What’s the Difference Between Leather Serum and Leather Conditioner?
Leather Serum is a protective coating that aids leather against aging. It has a natural shine (meaning there is no extra gloss) and is ideal for newer or clean, well-maintained leather. Leather Conditioner is used to restore leather products. It is a mild cleaner and conditioner that helps older or worn leather look newer. It also adds a shine to leather products.


Part Number:  SPI_111
UPC:  816276018966
Size: 473ml
Top:  Cap
Colorless:  No, however the product is safe to use on any color leather
Odorless:  No, has a light, fresh leather scent
pH balanced:  Yes
Dry-to-the-touch:  Yes
UV protection:  Yes
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