Chemical Guys Hydro Shield Ceramic Vörn Fyrir Trim – Dekk – Plast

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Nýjasta efnið í Hydro línunni frá Chemical Guys

Inniheldur SIO2 sem myndar sterka vörn á Plast Trim, vinyl og gúmmí

Myndar Hydrophobic vatnsfráhrindandi húð

Ver gegn veðrun og UV geislun

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Why buy this product?
Provides a deep black color.
Suitable for vinyl, rubber and plastic.
Hydrophobic effect against water.
Suitable for interior and exterior.
Protected against Uv-radiation and dirt.

About this product.
Chemical Guys Hydroshield is a ceramic coating suitable for rubber, plastic and vinyl. Hydroshield gives a black finish and deep gloss. Hydroshield lasts up to more than 12 months. Hydroshield repels water and UV rays thanks to its sio2 formula. Shake well before use, apply Hydroshield to a clean surface with an applicator. Wipe after with a microfiber towel so that no residue is left behind. You will not have any trouble with Hydroshield lying around because of the Stick-on formula. This ensures that the Hydroshield stays in place, for example on the tires.


SKU TVD11616
Applicable locations Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic
Size 473 ML
Manufacturer Chemical Guys