Bilt Hamber Large 60×40 Mjúkur Microfiberklútur Blár
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Bilt Hamber Large 60×40 Mjúkur Microfiberklútur Blár

616 kr.


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XL Þykkir og vandaðir Buffing microfiber klútar

Mjúkir overlocked kantar rispa ekki

Vandað 70/30 Microfiber

Stærð 60x40cm

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Use for removal of waxes and polishing compounds, dust removal and cleansing tasks.
Soft overlocked edges.

About this product
This cloth is 60x40cm, ultra soft, machine washable and ultrafine microfibre.
Using 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide with soft overlocked edges.
It is perfect for buffing wax and polish and also excellent for many cleaning tasks. This cloth is highly absorbent and the microfibres will draw particulate matter into the cloth.
It works incredibly well when dry too, and can be used for quick cleaning of many surfaces without recourse to any chemical products at all.

How To Use
The microfibre should be inspected on both sides before use to ensure there is no contamination. Fold the cloth in half, then in half again. The cloth should be turned frequently during use.

When maintaining your microfibre cloths either wash in cold water or put into a washing machine on a very low heat. They will clean well with a very small amount of detergent, but make sure it does not have fabric softener in as this clogs the fibres and stops the product from performing as well. Best left to dry naturally.


Size 60x40CM
Weight 375G
Color Blue


Premium Microfiber




1 stk Chemical Guys Happy Ending Blar Microfiber Klutur – ISK 960, 3 i pakka Chemical Guys Happy Endign Blarr Microfiber KluturChem – ISK 2.530