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Perfect paste wax for classic cars
Warm glowing shine for two-toned paint jobs
Brilliant shimmer on chrome bumpers, grilles, and trim
Handcrafted with the highest quality Brazilian carnauba wax and California-grown citrus extracts
Refined blend spreads like butter over any classic or modern paint finish
About Classic Paste Wax
Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax enhances the perfect show-winning warm shine on any classic car. At Chemical Guys, we feel the same passion towards motoring classics that you do. Creating the perfect paste wax for those chariots full of chrome, two-tone paint jobs, and rocket fins is a labor of love and a personal artform. We crafted Classic Paste Wax with the traditional wax blending techniques passed down to us through the generations. Our team of wax-blending artisans spend 6 days preparing every batch of Classic Paste Wax with the finest natural ingredients. We blended Classic Paste Wax with the highest quality Brazilian carnauba, then combined it with California-grown citrus extracts to enhance the warm gloss and shine of any color paintwork. Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax enhances a deep, lustrous, warm, and wet shine that enhances the natural beauty of your classic car. One coat of Classic Paste Wax will redefine perfection for any classic car show. Natural Brazilian carnauba wax has been the choice of detailing professionals and enthusiasts for over 100 years, and refining the blend with natural citrus extracts helps spread the buttery paste over any classic paint finish. The brilliant shine of natural carnauba wax is the perfect way to achieve the warmest glowing shine for your paintwork. Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax combines detailing passion and all-natural ingredients to deliver superior results. Stoke your fiery passion for detailing your vintage classic car with Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax.

Artisanal Hand-Crafted Paste Wax
Creating the perfect paste wax is like painting a masterpiece. We released Classic Paste Wax after countless formula revisions with the finest ingredients, timeless wax blending techniques, and a creative passion that leads our industry. By looking to our collective past, we drew inspiration from the practices of using natural Brazilian Carnauba as a base for our premium classic car wax. Though these vehicles keep getting older, the future for classic cars glows warm and bright with Classic Paste Wax. Refining the formula with California-grown citrus extracts simply melts the premium wax paste into paintwork, making it easy for any auto enthusiast to spread the perfect wax coat over any original or modern paint finish. Now your two-toned paint job can glow with the warmth and wet shine that enthusiasts have known and loved for over 100 years. Chrome bumpers, brightwork, and grilles will pop with brilliant luster and shine. You can even spread Classic Paste Wax over the glass to help rainwater just slip right off as you drive along with confidence. We crafted this artistic wax masterpiece for every classic piece of automotive artwork still rolling down the road. Treat yourself and your classic car to the time-honored traditional warm shine of natural carnauba wax with Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax.

Natural Citrus Extracts For Easier Workability
We blend every batch of Classic Paste Wax with the finest citrus extracts grown in our home state of California. The rich soil, perfect climate, and 300 days of sunlight every year make California a leading producer of the finest produce in the whole agricultural world. One cannot help but picture California when thinking of groves of citrus trees full of ripe oranges, lemons, or limes. This perfect environment produces citrus fruits famous around the world for their fantastic flavor, scent, and quality essential oils. Open your own pot of Classic Paste Wax and fill the air with the fragrance of natural citrus extracts. The refined oils help the paste wax melt for easier workability over any paint finish by hand. For best results, use a premium refined foam applicator pad whenever spreading Classic Paste Wax. The open cell structure of the UFO Applicator Pad series readily accepts melting wax and spreads a thin, even coat with just a single pass over the painted surface. Classic Paste Wax is easy for any young enthusiast detailer, or seasoned professional to spread by hand over their favorite cars.

Time Honored Shine For Our Favorite Paint Colors
Classic Paste Wax is the fan-favorite wax for a vibrant, warm, and wet shine on any color paintwork. Enthusiasts use Classic Paste Wax on their black, white, red, blue, silver, purple, orange, cream, and green classic cars to great acclaim. Easily spread the all-natural Classic Paste Wax formula with a premium foam applicator pad for maximum shine. Once the paste wax has hazed, buff off any residue with a plush microfiber towel and look on in awe at the shimmering glow. Classic Paste Wax can be applied in multiple layers to add extra depth, reflection, and glossy shine. The durable paste wax formula protects your vintage paintwork against fading, discoloration, water spots, and contamination from natural and manmade pollutants that mute the shine of your paintwork. The genuine all-natural Classic Paste Wax is the perfectionist’s choice for a smooth finish with stunning gloss. Only the purest Brazilian Ivory Carnauba can produce the highest level of shine, so that’s all we choose to blend into every batch of this handcrafted wax. Apply a coat to any modern or classic car to enhance the natural beauty of your paintwork. Great for enthusiast detailers, vintage car collectors, and professional detailers searching for a quality hand-crafted pot of paste wax. Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax is the perfect choice to create show winning shine to any vehicle.

Part Number WAC_312
Size 5 ounces
Container Plastic; resealable
Scent Citrus
Form Paste
UV Block Yes
Gloss Enhancing Yes
Water spot Protection Yes
Wax Yes, carnauba
Hand application Yes
Machine application Yes, though not recommended
Safe for clear coat Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes
How to Use:

1. Wash vehicle
2. Towel dry with a microfiber towel
3. For superior surface coverage and minimal product use, always apply all Chemical Guys products with Microfiber applicators
4. Always apply very thin coat a little goes along way in a 2-3 square foot area
5. Once haze has formed, buff gently away with a clean Microfiber Towel

6. Paste Wax can be applied in as many coats as desired and can also be layered over any glaze, wax or sealant