Chemical Guys Krauss DB5800 Polishing Kit 6 pcs.

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A popular and affordable Polishing Kit which includes

1 x Krauss DB5800 Dual Action Polisher with 5″ backingplate, extra set of cole brushes and a carrying bag
1 x V36 Fine Optical Grade Cutting Polsih
1 x V34 Medium Hybrid Compound
1 x Orange 5,5, Hex Logic Medium Cutting Pad
1 x White 5,5 Hex Logic Light/Medium polishing Pad
1 x 3″ Backingplate


Our Best Selling Most Advanced DA Polishing Machine the “No Swirls 880 watt Dual Action Machine

A professional tool guaranteed to bring out the very best finish.

The No Swirls 880 watt Dual Action Machine will throw life onto the dead and dull by operating at an electronic variable speed between 2,500 — 6,500 OPM (Oscillations Per Minute).
But what really sets the No Swirls 500 watt Dual Action Machine apart from other similar polishers on the market the performance and smoothness.
You will be hard pressed to find as good a polisher at such an outstanding price anywhere else.
So make the right decision and go Buffing pad Hex Logic Hex-logic with the No Swirls 880 watt Dual Action Machine for the very best in polishing potential.