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Flott sápa með hlutlausu ph gildi

Inniheldur vandað wax sem ver lakkið og myndar mikin gljáa

Skemmir ekki bón eða sealer

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Magn 750ml

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An improved successor of King of Gloss shampoo! It removes all kinds of dirt that you may encounter on the road and prepares the body for further protection with other Soft99 products.The Extreme Gloss Wax added to this shampoo will produce a shiny barrier that will protect the paint from deterioration.A sponge is included in the package. Available in two tone variations to produce best results depending on your car paint colour.
1.Rinse the car with water, remove dust and heavy dirt in order to pre­vent scratching the paint.

2.Pour the shampoo to the bucket or apply onto the included (wet) sponge, produce foam, then wash the whole vehicle.

3.Rinse the vehicle with water and dry it using microfibers.